Consultation launched today on 1 October sustainability round

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Telephone: 029 894 0328

Consultation has opened on the annual review of catch limits and other management settings for a range of fish stocks prior to the start of the new fishing year on 1 October 2016.

Reviewing the management settings of selected fish stocks to ensure long-term sustainability is a key aspect of MPI's work in fisheries management.

The Ministry's Director of Fisheries Management, Dave Turner, said the consultation is an annual opportunity for MPI to engage with stakeholders and Tangata Whenua to get their input for achieving sustainable fishery solutions.

"MPI invests more than $20 million in fisheries science every year to ensure the consultation options proposed are based on quality information.

"Combined with the best possible scientific information, feedback from the public will enable MPI to provide the Minister for Primary Industries with the best possible advice to assist him to make decisions on a range of fish stocks.

"This sort of dynamic management is a key part of ensuring sustainable fisheries for all."

This year sees sustainability and deemed value rates being considered for more than 20 species. These include proposals to manage bluenose sustainability through reducing commercial catch, better balancing of catch between commercial and recreational fishers for snapper 7 and reducing commercial catch of pāua 7.    

This round proposes amendments to sustainability measures for:

  • arrow squid (SQU 1J)
  • barracouta (BAR 5)
  • bluenose (BNS 1, 2, 3, 7 & 8)
  • jack mackerels (JMA 3)
  • john dory (JDO 7)
  • paua (PAU 7)
  • rubyfish (RBY 3)
  • snapper (SNA 7)
  • South Island longfin eel (LFE 11-16)
  • South Island shortfin eel (SFE 11-16)

Proposed amendments to deemed value rates are being consulted on for:

  • blue cod (BCO 3)
  • green-lipped mussel (GLM 9)
  • jack mackerels (JMA 7)
  • kahawai (KAH 8)
  • ling (LIN 7)
  • oreo (OEO 4)
  • ribaldo (RIB 7)
  • rubyfish (all stocks)
  • South Island longfin eel (LFE 11-16)
  • South Island shortfin eel (SFE 11-16)
  • silver warehou (SWA 3)
  • tarakihi (TAR 8)

Consultation opens on Friday 10 June and closes on 11 July.

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