Email Scam - email seemingly from legitimate MPI address


Please be advised that a scam email possibly containing malware, has been sent from a seemingly legitimate MPI address.

The email is noted to have been sent from and contains the following content:


"This serves to inform you that your organization has been red-flagged under the MPI Verification excercise [sic]. Consequently, your company may be black listed. Please find attached MPI non-compliance notice to your organization. It details MPI next line of action, ensure you study this notice attached carefully. It is a protected MPI document and will require download to view."


The email also has an attachment that may be malicious in nature – i.e., containing malware that may infect your computer.

This email is not official MPI correspondence/information. MPI is investigating the issue.

We recommend the following actions if you receive this message:

  • Please disregard and delete the email
  • Do not open the attachment under any circumstances
  • Report the scam email to the DIA Electronic Messaging Compliance team -
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