Fishing skipper reports loss of snapper

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The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is pleased with the actions of a commercial fishing skipper who reported a large accidental loss of fish, southeast of Great Barrier Island while still at sea earlier in the week.

MPI District Compliance Manager North Harbour Mike Simmons says a vessel skipper reported losing 2 tonnes of snapper between Great Barrier and Cuvier islands, as the result of a torn trawl net on Sunday night (27 September).

The 2 tonnes of snapper will be reported against the fishing company’s quota and will not be able to be fished this season.

The crew worked for 3 hours to retrieve as much of the lost catch as possible.

Mr Simmons says commercial fishers reporting accidental losses of fish at sea is very important for managing New Zealand’s fisheries sustainably.

“It’s important that all catch is recorded and reported, even if it isn’t successfully landed. It’s every fishers’ responsibility to value their catch and avoid potential waste. That’s commercial, recreational and customary fishers alike.

“Two tonnes of snapper represents a substantial financial loss to the company involved. We are very pleased that they have done the right thing by the fishery and the other fishers they share it with.

“It’s important information from a wider perspective, as MPI investigates complaints and sightings of patches of dead fish floating at sea.”

Mr Simmons says MPI follows up all reports of accidental loss of fish by commercial fishers.

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