Fit for transport animal welfare app launched today

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The Ministry for Primary Industries has launched a mobile app that helps farmers, transporters, stock agents and veterinarians determine whether an animal is fit for transport.

Developed with industry and vets, the app is an easy and efficient tool to help people make the right decision for the welfare of animals. It consolidates available information in to one place and doesn't require internet access, which makes it suitable for on-farm use.

Director of Verification Services, Dr Chris Kebbell says most people in the primary sectors are well aware of the fitness for transport requirements, but MPI veterinarians at processing plants still see some animals arrive that should not have been transported.

"Animal welfare is everyone's responsibility and farmers, transporters, stock agents and veterinarians all have a role to play in ensuring only fit animals are transported."

"The information in the app is based on the transport requirements in the codes of welfare for dairy cattle, deer, sheep and beef cattle."

Developed under MPI's Safeguarding our Animals, Safeguarding our Reputation Programme, the app is a tool to improve voluntary compliance with animal welfare requirements.

"One of the ways we achieve this is through the development of resources to support owners and people in charge of animals. There has been demand for this tool and many are excited that it's now available. We've had great feedback so far," says Dr Kebbell.

The app also contains the requirements for the recently implemented regulations for young calves. New fitness for transport regulations are currently under development and the app will be updated once they are implemented.

To download the app, head to iTunes (for Apple devices) or Google Play (for Android devices) and search 'fit for transport.'

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