Funding round extended for Gisborne erosion control

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The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) today announced an extension to the funding round for its Erosion Control Funding Programme (ECFP) to 13 July 2018.

MPI opened the funding round for applications for ECFP funding on 7 May 2018.

"We're extending the funding round for the ECFP to 13 July 2018 to give landowners, the local council and others further time to complete their applications, particularly in light of recent weather events in Gisborne," says Steve Penno, MPI's director investment programmes.

"We have staff in Gisborne and surrounding areas to help people through the application process."

The East Coast is the most erosion-prone region in New Zealand.  Leaving eroded land untreated has a negative impact on the sustainability of hill country farms, infrastructure, rivers, water quality, people and communities.

The ECFP is designed to help Gisborne district landowners with the worst-eroding or erosion-prone land by providing funding to treat their land.  Funding can be provided to plant exotic and indigenous trees and in some cases allows for the regeneration of native bush.

Funding is also available to community groups in the Gisborne district to lead projects that both mitigate erosion and generate wider environmental, economic, and social benefits for the region. Applications for community funding is available all year.

Since the ECFP opened in 1992, MPI has provided $49 million in funding for erosion control and has treated 42,000 hectares of erodible land. Through the ECFP, eligible landowners can receive up to $2,000 per hectare for tree planting and reversion treatments and up to $26 per pole for poplar and willow treatments.

The ECFP supports the Government's One Billion Trees Programme.

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