Phishing email scam alert

Media contact: MPI media team
Telephone: 029 894 0328

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is aware of a phishing email sent to some of our customers pretending to come from MPI. It has the subject line "2019 MPI Exporters Policy Statement". The email sender may show as "Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)" and/or  funfridays[@]btinternet[.]com although this will most likely vary for each recipient. 

Do not open it or any attachments. This message did not originate from MPI and should be deleted.

The email asks registered exporters to click on links to register and accept MPI's updated policy documents. Once clicked, the link will take you to a website that requests you to provide your login credentials. We recommend you don't click on the link or provide any credentials to the website. 

If you have already clicked on the email or opened the attachment, we recommend you change the password for any login credentials entered. Then contact your IT department or service provider for further advice.

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