Scholarship opportunities for fisheries science students

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Science is fundamental to the management of our important marine environment. To keep our marine environment healthy into the future we will need more, and different science to what we have today.

With this in mind, we are excited to invite applications for the joint Fisheries New Zealand and National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) Masters scholarships, and Fisheries New Zealand undergraduate scholarships.

Head of Fisheries New Zealand Dan Bolger says while we have the challenges of climate change and increasing use of the marine environment ahead of us, we will also have access to far greater volumes of data, and we will be getting it faster.

"We are investing in the next generation of fisheries scientists, so our people will be equipped to deal with the changing world and will have the tools to process the increasing volume of information," Mr Bolger says.

"The scholarships are also an opportunity to encourage students to research and study in areas such as marine biology and statistics which currently have a shortage of trained graduates.

"There is a real shortage of graduates with quantitative skills. New Zealand needs graduates with these skills to conduct research and contribute to the sustainable use of marine resources.  These skills are also invaluable for students wishing to pursue a career in related fields.

"These scholarships will give students an opportunity to further develop their biological expertise, quantitative skills, and programming abilities in either their post graduate or undergraduate studies.

"As part of the Masters scholarship, winners will carry out research with NIWA and/or Fisheries New Zealand scientists as mentors, which will be fantastic, real-world experience for students," says Mr Bolger.

The scholarships are available to Masters and undergraduate students who are interested in developing strong skills within New Zealand in marine biology and applied statistics, mathematics or programming. 

The total value for each Masters scholarship is $20,000 per annum for up to 2 years; and $5,000 for the undergraduate scholarship which is available for the final year of the degree.

The deadline for applications for the 2019 scholarships are:

  • 20 September 2018 for the Masters scholarships
  • 30 November 2018 for the undergraduate scholarships.
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