Dairy products

If you manufacture dairy products, find out about the requirements and legislation that apply to you.


We're still working on this section of the new website. When complete, it will provide information to support dairy processors and handlers. In the meantime, use these links to find relevant information:

Dairy processors and milksolids reporting

Accurate information is needed from dairy processors to:

  • inform analysis on the development of competition in New Zealand dairy markets
  • assess the ongoing need for the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act 2001 (DIRA) regulatory regime
  • inform MPI's process to allocate dairy export licenses under the DIRA.

Dairy processors must provide this milksolids collection information to the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

When you get the email or letter from MPI requesting this information, you can either:

If you used the form, either:

Who to contact

If you have questions about dairy processing or the dairy cow milksolids form, email info@mpi.govt.nz

Building this website

Why we're building a new website and what to expect

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