National Blue Cod Strategy

MPI is working on a National Blue Cod Strategy. Find out about the strategy and how you can help us develop it.

What's happening?

On 3 July 2017, MPI held the first expert workshop in Christchurch to begin developing the National Blue Cod Strategy. The experts developed an aim and key objectives for the strategy as a starting point.

Then we asked for your feedback on what the experts developed so far, and your thoughts about your local blue cod fishery. We ran an online survey and held drop-in meetings during September 2017. The next round of drop-in sessions – and another survey – will be held after the second expert workshop. We'll let you know when the next engagement starts.

What's the plan?

Photo by Malcom Francis
Photo: Malcolm Francis

MPI wants a National Blue Cod Strategy to review all aspects of the blue cod fishery across the whole of New Zealand.

But we're starting with the South Island so we can deal with some priority management concerns.


What the experts think

What's the problem?

Blue cod fisheries in some areas are under pressure and in some places, fishers are telling us numbers are low. There are different rules in different places and no combined approach, so it can be hard to respond quickly enough to these pressures.

What we want – the aim

We want to work together to create a strategy which delivers abundant and sustainable blue cod fisheries for all New Zealanders.

How we get there – the key objectives

Get the right information

Information is the bedrock of any fisheries management system. We need the right information and science, and we need to figure out the best way to get it.

Set the right targets

Setting targets for fish stocks is about making sure we're keeping stocks at sustainable levels that are right for the fishery and the people using it.

Set the right rules

We need to look at the current rules and make changes where appropriate to make sure they're effective, understood and consistent.

Make the right decisions

We need a framework to drive good, consistent decision-making and to make sure decisions are made on time.

Get buy-in

If this is going to work, we need everyone to come along and understand their responsibility to our blue cod fisheries.


Process for creating the National Blue Cod Strategy through collaboration with fishers

Next steps

Your thoughts and information about your local blue cod fishery will be used to guide the experts in developing a suite of solutions to address the problems in the blue cod fishery. The experts will develop these solutions during a second workshop.

We will then come back to you to find out if:

  • you agree with what has been developed during the workshop
  • we have missed anything that needs to be included.

Experts will then gather for a third workshop to review the feedback and start drafting the strategy document.

Blue cod species and stock status information

Want to know more about blue cod in your fishery area? 

Stay informed

You can keep up-to-date on our progress with the strategy on this web page or:

Or follow one of our recreational fisheries Facebook pages:

Watch our video (1:01)

Some of the footage for this video is credited to Alan Drake.

[Ministry for Primary Industries logo appears with the tagline 'Shared sustainable fisheries for the future'. The title 'National blue cod strategy' appears. An underwater shot can be seen in the background.]

[Single blue cod swimming underwater]

Blue cod. It's been a Kiwi icon for generations and we all want it to stay that way.

[Lots of blue cod and kina underwater]

In some areas they're doing well, but in other areas they're under stress.

[Blue cod in pots with captions of stress factors]

Due to a lot of fishing, a changing environment, and a unique biology.

[Shot of the shore, taken from a boat in the water]

The Ministry for Primary Industries is developing a national strategy so we can address the issues in a joined up way.

[Fisher pulls up a blue cod pot. Blue cod swim underwater. Shot goes back to boat. The words appear: 'We want to hear from you']

But we can't do it on our own. We want your help. You know what's happening in your backyard and we need your ideas to make the strategy work.

[Fisher on boat measuring blue cod]

There are lots of ways you can have your say.

Visit our website to learn more and share your thoughts.

[ web address appears on the screen]

[Fisher pulling up blue cod, fisher walking along the beach]

Together, we can ensure blue cod fisheries remain sustainable and abundant for everyone.

[Call to action appears with the web address: . Blue cod swim in the background]

[Ministry for Primary Industries logo appears again with the tagline 'Shared sustainable fisheries for the future']

[End transcript]


Who to contact

If you have questions about the blue cod strategy, email

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