Potato (OAP) organisations approved for phytosanitary inspection – AsureQuality

Organisations approved by AsureQuality under the official assurance programme for potatoes.

Last updated: 30 November 2020

Note: Registrations expire each year on 31 October

Organisation name Contact person Contract of approval number Expiry date
Harvest Fresh Ltd Michael Croft 9429034613368 Expired
Lynchris Packing Ltd John Hagen 9429035851981 31/10/2021
Molloy Farms Ltd Marc Williams 9429039958280 31/10/2021
Primor Produce Ltd Clayton Marriner 9429039441287 31/10/2021
Produce Agencies Ltd Helen Marriner 9429039078162 31/10/2021
South Seas Exports Mike Devenie 9429041928400 31/10/2021
Turners & Growers Fresh Limited Bobby Sharma 9429040750705 31/10/2021
Wai Shing Ltd David Shortland 9429040681337 31/10/2021
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