Potato packing and/or storage facilities - AsureQuality

Potato packing and storage facilities approved for exporting potatoes by AsureQuality.

All Packing and/or Storage Facilities registrations expire on 31 October each year.

AsureQuality – Updated 24 February 2021

Facility type Facility company name
(or partnership name)
Taiwan registered Contact person Mark number
(if applicable)
Accreditation number
(if applicable)
Expiry date
Packing & Storage Alpine Gardens Ltd   Anil Daya AG 5 N/A 31/10/2021
Packing & Storage AS Wilcox & Sons Ltd   Karlie Porter WI46 N/A Expired
Packing & Storage B Das & Sons Ltd   Debbie Harrison BD 4 N/A 31/10/2021
Packing & Storage Burrows Farm Ltd   Bill Burrows BU 34 N/A 31/10/2021
Packing & Storage Chapman Onion Exports Ltd (Southern Star Seeds Ltd)   Sharon Chapman CH 75 N/A Expired
Packing & Storage Corbett Bros (Ruahine Potatoes)   Murray Field CB 3 N/A 31/10/2021
Packing & Storage Hannor Farms   Mark Reed RM1 N/A 31/10/2021
Storage Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Ltd   Andy Taulapiu AK-180 9429039482471 31/10/2021
Packing & Storage Hinemoa Quality Producers Ltd   Vicki Nicholson HI 22 N/A 31/10/2021
Packing & Storage Hira Bhana & Co Ltd   Amrut Bhana BH 3 N/A 31/10/2021
Packing & Storage J Daya Ltd   Jagdish Daya JD 3 N/A 31/10/2021
Storage Kuehne & Nagel Ltd (Aintree Ave)   Simon Ngwun KU3 9429040416441 Expired
Storage Kuehne & Nagel Ltd (Verisimmo Drive)   Simon Ngwun KU4 9429040416441 31/10/2021
Storage Lynchris Farming   Andrew Crozier BP 8 N/A 31/10/2021
Packing & Storage Lynchris Packing Ltd   John Hagen Kylie Callender RO48B 9429035851981 31/10/2021
Packing & Storage MD Burrowes   Murray Burrowes BM3 N/A 31/10/2021
Packing & Storage Mid Canterbury Growers Ltd   Tim Pike MC 204 N/A 31/10/2021
Storage Molloy Farms Ltd (Powells Transport)   Marc Williams FM 3 9429039958280 31/10/2021
Storage Neptune Pacific Agency Australia Pty Ltd   Wasief Isaacs NP764 N/A 31/10/2021
Packing & Storage Oakleys Premium Fresh Vegetables Ltd   Robin Oakleys OP 2 N/A Expired
Packing & Storage Olsen Partnership   Paul Olsen OH 1 N/A 31/10/2021
Packing & Storage Parlato Farming Co (2008) Ltd   Craig Parlato PA 56 N/A Expired
Packing & Storage PB & Craig Skou Ltd   Peter Skou SK 4 N/A 31/10/2021
Storage Primor Produce Ltd   Clayton Marriner PP3 9429039441287 31/10/2021
Storage Produce Agencies   Helen Marriner PR16 9429039078162 31/10/2021
Storage Produce Agencies (Powell Transport Ltd)   Helen Marriner PR17 N/A 31/10/2021
Packing & Storage Set Sue Ltd   Norman Sue SS 1 N/A 31/10/2021
Storage South Seas Exports   Mike Devenie SS7 9429041928400 31/10/2021
Packing & Storage Spud Country Ltd   Bevan Claridge SC9 N/A Expired
Packing & Storage Sundale Farm Ltd   Murray Aarts SF 1 N/A Expired
Packing & Storage TA Reynolds Ltd   Paul Reynolds RE 27 N/A Expired
Packing & Storage Tane Partnership Ltd   Simon Campbell CD3 N/A Expired
Packing & Storage The Rakaia Hub   Jane Reith RH 95 N/A 31/10/2021
Storage Turners & Growers Fresh Limited   Bobby Sharma TU 22 9429040750705 31/10/2021
Packing & Storage Wai Shing Ltd   Clint and Frank Wai Shing WA 65 9429040681337 31/10/2021
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