Summerfruit packhouses and exporters for Korea, Japan and Western Australia

List of registered packhouses, exporters for the export of summerfruit.

Date of Issue: 9 December 2019

Registered Packhouses Summerfruit Official Assurance Programmes

Trading NameLocationKorea*WA*JP*
45 South Packhouse Cromwell Registered    
Jakimm Cherry Packhouse Cromwell Registered    
Central Organics Alexandra Registered    
CentralPac Limited Cromwell Registered   Registered - Designation No. 1127
Cherrybank Orchard Blenheim Registered    
Clutha Packing Centre Roxburgh Registered Registered  
Darlings Fruit Ltd Ettrick   Registered  
Dunstan Hills Ltd Alexandra Registered Registered  
Fortune Fruit Co Ltd Cromwell Registered    
Gourmet Summerfruit Ltd Roxburgh Registered   Registered - Designation No. 1255
H & J Roberts Alexandra Registered Registered  
Leaning Rock Cherries Alexandra Registered Registered Registered - Designation No. 4722
McIntosh Orchard Ltd Alexandra Registered    
R Dawson & Co Alexandra Registered    
Remarkable Orchard Roxburgh East Registered Registered  
Sarita Orchard Ltd Cromwell Registered    
Suncrest Orchard Cromwell Registered    



Registered Exporters Summerfruit Official Assurance Programmes

Trading NameLocationKorea*WA*Japan*
FreshCo (The Fresh fruit Company of NZ) Auckland Registered   Registered
JP Exports Ltd Auckland Registered   Registered
Le Fresh International NZ Limited Auckland Registered Registered  
NZ Gourmet Holdings Ltd Auckland Registered   Registered
NZ Orchard Direct Roxburgh   Registered  
RD8 Fresh Produce Auckland Registered Registered  
Te Mata Exports 2012 Ltd Kerikeri Registered    
VFDirect (N.Z) Ltd Auckland Registered Registered  
Cherri Global Havelock North Registered   Registered
NZ Cherry Co Ltd Invercargill     Registered

Korea* MPI Cherries to Korea Official Assurance Programme
WA* MPI Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines and Plums to Western Australia Official Assurance Programme
Japan* MPI Phytosanitary Official Assurance Programme for the Export of Cherries to Japan


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