Summerfruit production sites for Japan and Western Australia

List of registered growers of summerfruit to Japan and Western Australia.

Issued 25 November 2020


    Japan Western Australia
Orchard PIN + ID Approval / Date
(refer Note 1)
Approval / Date
Dunstan Hills Ltd S4056 WA N/A Approved 15.10.20
Fishtail Block (H&J Roberts) S4248 FT N/A Approved 20.10.20
Gourmet Summerfruit Ltd S4024 CA Not Yet Approved N/A
  S4024 CB Not Yet Approved N/A
  S4024 CC Not Yet Approved N/A
  S4024 HB Not Yet Approved N/A
J&P Cherries Ltd S4152 A Not Yet Approved N/A
Leaning Rock Cherries S4013 J Not Yet Approved N/A
  S4013 BGNEV180 N/A Approved 28.10.20
McPherson Rd Ltd (Cherri Global Ltd) S4140 McPherson Road Not Yet Approved N/A
Remarkable Orchards Ltd S4078 A N/A Approved 19.10.20
Roseburn Orchard S4068 RB N/A Approved 19.10.20
Shop Block (Cherri Global Ltd) S4284 Shop Block Not Yet Approved N/A
Suncrest Orchard (Packhouse Block) S4280 3C Not Yet Approved  
Top Block (Cherri Global Ltd) S4074 Top Block Not Yet Approved N/A
Townview Orchard (WHR Land) S4083 CXC N/A Approved 19.10.20
Trophy Ridge Orchards S4190 Old Block Not Yet Approved N/A
  S4190 New Block Not Yet Approved N/A
Waitaki Orchards Ltd S4064 A N/A Approved 20.10.20
1. For Japan: Production Site Approval is subject to completion of the Pre-Grading Fruit Inspection (fresh fruit monitoring) - refer section 1.5, MPI Phytosanitary Official Assurance Programme for the Export of Cherries to Japan .
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