A list of Food Act 2014 requirements.


Food Act 2014 – NZ Legislation website


Food Regulations 2015 – NZ Legislation website

Food (Fees and Charges) Amendment Regulations 2015 – NZ Legislation website

Regulations in force until 28 February 2019

Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 – NZ Legislation website

Dietary Supplements Regulations 1985 – NZ Legislation website

Food (Safety) Regulations 2002 – NZ Legislation website

Notices from 1 July 2017

Food Notice: Requirements for Food Control Plans and National Programme [PDF, 371 KB]

Food Notice: Requirements for Recognised Agencies and Persons [PDF, 405 KB]


Food Notice: Recognised Agencies and Persons [PDF, 246 KB]

Food Notice: Food Control Plans and National Programmes [PDF, 280 KB]

Food Notice: Importing Food [PDF, 249 KB]

Food Notice: Official Template Food Control Plans for Schedule 1 Food Businesses: Food Service and Food Retail [PDF, 341 KB]

Food Notice: Maximum Residue Levels for Agricultural Compounds [PDF, 726 KB]

Food Notice: Exemption from operating under a registered food control plan or national programme [PDF, 355 KB]

Simply safe and suitable template food control plan

Simply safe and suitable template [PDF, 952 KB]

Food control plan: Food service and food retail

Specialist sections

Food standards

New Zealand Food (Supplemented Food) Standard 2016 [PDF, 149 KB]

New Zealand (Permitted Fortification of Bread with Folic Acid) Food Standard 2012 [PDF, 71 KB]

New Zealand (Bee Product Warning Statements - Dietary Supplements) Food Standards 2002 [PDF, 19 KB]

Food (Uncooked Comminuted Fermented Meat) Standard 2008 [PDF, 106 KB]

Food (Tutin in Honey) Standard 2016 [PDF, 115 KB]

New Zealand (Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code) Food Standards 2002


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