Plant products' registers, forms, standards, and related documents

Find Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) food safety documents for plant products, including registers and lists, manuals, standards, and guidelines.

Maximum residue limits (MRL)

A list of MPI-recognised laboratories that can analyse pesticide residues in plant products

Search the pesticide MRL database

Food Notice: Maximum Residue Levels for Agricultural Compounds [PDF, 754 KB]

Become a recognised laboratory or change details

Use the form when first applying to MPI for recognition or when making subsequent changes to your details.

Application form PAL1 - Registration of recognised pesticide analytical laboratory [DOCX, 171 KB]

Market access policy statement

Statement of Policy: Market access and official assurances principles [PDF, 54 KB]

Manuals and guidelines

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Recognised pesticide analytical laboratories and residue test methods (plants)
Fresh plant products agrichemical assurances guidelines


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Adoption of the Joint Food Standards under the Australia NZ Food Standards Code Notice
Food (Tutin in Honey) Amendment Standard 2011
Analysis of Submissions on the Emergency Food Standard for Imported Frozen Berry Fruits
Official Agrichemical Assurance Standard
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