Find market access requirement documents for exporting animal products, organic products, processed food products, and wine to Thailand.

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Animal products

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Thailand OMAR

OMAR notifications

Reference number and title

Issue date

17/018 Alternative MPI certification


Other information


Issue date

Model of health certificate signed by the captain of freezer vessel [PDF, 196 KB]


Materials Considered Especially Controlled Animal Feeds [PDF, 201 KB]


Thailand OMAR amendment history


Issue date

Thailand OMAR Amendment 3


Thailand OMAR Amendment 2


Processed food products

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If you’re planning to export food products for human consumption to Thailand, you may need a food quality assurance system certificate (also known as a ‘product registration’ or ‘GMP’ certificate). This will enable your importer to register your product(s) with Thailand's Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

For your information (FYIs)

FYI reference number and title

Issue date

F74/20 Thailand: Food Quality Assurance System Certificates [PDF, 161 KB] 21/12/2020

Organic products

MPI has not negotiated entry conditions for organic products exported to Thailand.

Find out about exporting organics


MPI has not negotiated entry conditions for wine exported to Thailand.

Find out about exporting New Zealand grape wine

Thailand market and trade information

New Zealand's relationship with Thailand – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Thailand market information – NZ Trade and Enterprise

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