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Research and reports

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Tackling plastic waste in New Zealand aquaculture

Full report – Tackling plastic waste in aquaculture [PDF, 2.9 MB]

Opportunities report – Tackling plastic waste in aquaculture [PDF, 7.6 MB]

Experimental aquaculture

Experimental aquaculture: Stocktake of regional coastal plan provisions (Volume 1) [PDF, 412 KB]

Experimental aquaculture: Stocktake of regional coastal plan provisions (Volume 2) [PDF, 1.4 MB]

Open ocean aquaculture business case

The open ocean finfish aquaculture business case:

  • outlines the potential for open ocean aquaculture (OOA) to help grow New Zealand's aquaculture sector, and
  • provides information to support informed investment decisions.

The business case's findings show that growing finfish in OOA systems would be profitable. Many of the assumptions in the business case are highly conservative. Different investment approaches could improve the proposition.

The OOA industry is emerging very quickly. This means the cost of technology will reduce over time. This will make aquaculture possible in more exposed parts of the ocean. Fisheries New Zealand is working on future law changes and investment settings to enable sustainable OOA growth.

Open ocean finfish aquaculture: Business case [PDF, 13 MB]

Catalyzing the blue revolution: How investors can turn the tide on aquaculture – The Nature Conservancy

Best management practice guidelines for salmon farms in the Marlborough Sounds

Part 1: Benthic environmental quality standards and monitoring protocol [PDF, 2.8 MB]

Part 2: Water quality standards and monitoring protocol [PDF, 2.9 MB]

Investigation of salmon farming opportunities in Southland

This research looked at the feasibility of salmon farming in the North Arm of Port Pegasus, Stewart Island. The research was done in 2016 and 2017. It supported the Southland Regional Development Strategy, which has a focus on sustainable aquaculture in Southland. There are 5 reports.

Benthic habitat assessment: North arm, Port Pegasus / Pikihatiti [PDF, 11 MB]

Pelagic biophysical assessment: Port Pegasus / Pikihatiti [PDF, 18 MB]

Port Pegasus salmon farm indicative business case for new aquaculture in Southland [PDF, 1.6 MB]

Review of potential NZ sea lion interactions with aquaculture at Port Pegasus/Pikihatiti [PDF, 3.8 MB]

Port Pegasus/ Pikihatiti salmon farms natural character, landscape and visual amenity effects assessment [PDF, 11 MB]

The last report has a graphic supplement with maps and photos of the areas.

Port Pegasus/ Pikihatiti salmon farm investigations natural character, landscape and visual amenity graphic supplement [PDF, 12 MB]

Read a summary of the 5 reports

Exploration of finfish farming opportunities in Port Pegasus/Pikihatiti, Stewart Island: Summary of phase 2 assessment of environmental effects reports [PDF, 1 MB]

Find out more about the Southland Regional Development Strategy

Pacific oysters

Technical advice on containment of tetraploid Pacific oysters [PDF, 197 KB]

Other reports

Social and community effects of aquaculture: Southland case study [PDF, 205 KB]

The social value of a job [PDF, 742 KB]

How to improve your social licence to operate [PDF, 1 MB]

Public perceptions of New Zealand's aquaculture industry [PDF, 2 MB]

Comparison of international regulations and best management practices for marine finfish farming [PDF, 1.4 MB]

Education resources

Aquaculture lesson overview [PDF, 808 KB]

Aquaculture lesson resources [PDF, 904 KB]

Aquaculture scenario card [PDF, 138 KB]

Aquaculture student guide [PDF, 181 KB]

Aquaculture teacher guides [PDF, 222 KB]

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