Information on popular fish in NZ

Find out about New Zealand's most popular recreationally caught fish, how catch limits are set, and what we do to ensure there are enough fish for future generations.

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Image of blue cod

Image of a kahawai fish

Blue cod


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Find more species on our free NZ Fishing Rules app

With the app, you can:

  • check local fishing rules (including legal sizes and catch/bag limits)
  • find out about areas that are closed to fishing
  • check where it's safe to collect shellfish from
  • identify fish species and whether they're common in your area
  • view the photo gallery
  • see scientific names and Māori names
  • report poachers.

Maps and stock assessments

Maps of NZ fisheries, and NABIS mapping tool

Fisheries stock assessment and status

Other fish species information

Fish species – Seafood New Zealand

Fisheries – NIWA

Marine – Department of Conservation

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If you have questions about recreational fishing, email

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