Doing a food recall

If you need to conduct a food recall, follow this checklist.

Checklist for conducting a food recall

1. Get advice from MPI by phoning 0800 00 83 33 and asking for the Food Compliance Services team.

2. Follow your recall plan. If you don't have a recall plan, read and follow the instructions in this checklist.

3. Complete the recall hazard/risk analysis form and email it to MPI's Food Compliance Services team at

4. Make a plan for how you will communicate with consumers. The communications plan must be agreed with MPI and usually involves more than one form of media advertising.

5. Use advertising that is most appropriate to reach your target audience in a timely way. You may need to organise:

  • paid advertisements in newspapers, on radio, or online
  • a point of sale notice
  • a news release
  • a website or social media notice.

MPI has templates you can use for newspaper advertisements and point-of-sale notices. Note, there are minimum size and format requirements for a newspaper notice.

6. Check you have included all required information for recalls or advertisements.

7. Get approval for all advertisements from MPI before you publish. Note, MPI will also publish all consumer level recalls on the MPI website:

8. If you don't have a recall plan, develop one.

What a recall notice or advertisement needs

A consumer recall notice or advertisement must contain the following information:

  • who is recalling the product (company name)
  • what the product is (name, weight, batch/expiry date)
  • what's wrong with it
  • a "do not consume" message
  • a health warning and action (if applicable)
  • where the product can be found (distribution)
  • what action should be taken (for example, where it should be returned to)
  • who to contact for enquiries.
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