Fees and charges to the meat and game processing industry

To recover costs, MPI must charge for many of its services to the meat and game processing industry.

Fees and charges specific to meat and game

You pay a fee when you apply to become – or renew your status as – one of the following:

  • AP19: Animal material depot
  • AP2: Homekill recreational catch service provider
  • AP28: Game estate operator
  • AP33: Certified supplier for wild animals or animals from a game estate

Fees, including GST, are noted on the forms.

Finding fees and charges

Fees and charges, inclusive of GST, are listed on application forms and other relevant documents. In some cases, as well as a flat charge, you may need to pay an hourly rate for assessment or verification.

Animal products levies

Processors of meat and game pay a levy under the Animal Products Act 1999 to cover the cost of MPI developing requirements and standards for the meat and game industry.

Find out more about these levies and the programmes:

Find out more about the regulations governing the fees:

Other charges

There are some other services that you may also need to pay for. These include registering a risk management programme (RMP) and verifying or auditing programmes or plans under the Food Act 2014.

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