Animal Products Act 1999 fees, charges, and levies

You may be required to pay for services provided by MPI under the Animal Products Act 1999 (APA). These are calculated on a cost-recovery basis to support a range of programmes.

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Funding services and programmes

MPI provides a range of services and programmes to animal product operators under the APA.

APA services

Animal product operators are directly provided with a number of services by MPI. The costs of these services are recovered through the fee charged to operators when they request the service. For example:

  • approvals
  • accreditations
  • registrations
  • listings
  • verification
  • official assurances.

APA programmes

MPI also delivers programmes across animal product sectors, such as setting of food safety, export and related standards. To recover the costs of these programmes animal products operators pay levies to MPI under the APA.

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