Bivalve molluscan shellfish (BMS) operators

Operators must comply with the BMS Regulated Control Scheme (RCS). Requirements differ, depending on whether you are harvesting, transporting or storing BMS.

Requirements for operators

There are specific food safety requirements for harvest operators and operators whose work happens after BMS have been harvested. They include:

  • relay operators
  • sorting shed and depot operators
  • depuration (cleansing) operators
  • wet storage operators
  • transport operators.

The BMS RCS regulations and specifications set out most of the requirements for BMS operators:

To meet the food safety requirements for your operation, your first point of contact is your local MPI Animal Products Officer. They're responsible for:

  • all of the requirements you need to meet under the BMS RCS
  • ensuring the work is done.

Find out more about the requirements for harvest and post-harvest operators:


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