Maintenance compounds used in processing meat, seafood, and other non-dairy animal products

Find out about the cleaning and maintenance products (maintenance compounds) you can use if you're processing animal products such as meat, game, or seafood under the Animal Products Act.

Which processors does this apply to?

The rules on this page only apply to animal product processors who:

  • operate under the Animal Products Act – such as those who have a risk management programme (RMP), and
  • process animal products that are not dairy – such as meat, game, seafood, or bee products.

If this is you, the chemicals you use to clean or maintain your processing area must meet certain requirements. Otherwise, there's a risk they could contaminate your products.

Note: If your business operates under the Food Act, you don't need to meet these requirements.

Which products to use

If you process non-dairy animal products or material for human consumption, you must:

  • only use approved maintenance compounds
  • follow any conditions set by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) when you use them.

Use this register to search for approved maintenance compounds:

On the register page you can also find:

  • a list of all approved maintenance compounds (non-dairy)
  • a list of approval codes, which explain where and how to use the compounds.

Regulations that apply

The maintenance compounds you use must meet hygiene requirements. These can be found in regulation 11 of the Animal Products Regulations 2000.

Section 11, Animal Products Regulations 2000

Getting a maintenance compound approved

You can apply to MPI to have a maintenance compound approved for use. Sections 2 to 5 of the Approved maintenance compounds (non-dairy) manual explain how to do this.

The manual covers the:

  • types of compounds that need evaluation and approval
  • approval process
  • conditions under which approval will be given.

Approved maintenance compounds (non-dairy) manual [PDF, 630 KB]

Application form

Use the Word or PDF version of this form to apply to have a maintenance compound approved.

Application form AP65 – Approval of maintenance compound (non-dairy) [PDF, 775 KB]

Application form AP65 – Approval of maintenance compound (non-dairy) [DOC, 507 KB]

Who to contact

If you have questions about maintenance compounds, email

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