Introduction to requirements for bivalve molluscan shellfish operators

Bivalve molluscan shellfish (BMS) operators must meet the requirements of the BMS regulated control scheme. Find out what you need to do if you harvest, transport, or store BMS.

Requirements for BMS operators

There are specific food safety requirements for:

BMS post-harvest operators work with BMS after it has been harvested. Their activities include:

  • relay operators
  • sorting shed and depot operators
  • depuration (cleansing or purification) operators
  • wet storage operators
  • transport operators.


Most of the requirements for these roles are in these 2 documents:

To meet your food safety requirements, your first point of contact is your local Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) animal product officer. They're responsible for:

  • all the requirements you need to meet under the BMS regulated control scheme
  • ensuring your operation meets its requirements.

Who to contact

If you have questions about working as a BMS operator, email

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