Wine businesses exempt from needing a wine standards management plan

Small winemakers and wine businesses may be exempt from registering a wine standards management plan (WSMP). They must still follow wine legislation.

When you only label wine bottles and packaging

If your business only labels wine bottles and packaging, you are exempt from the requirement to operate under a registered WSMP. Information about the exemption is in the Wine Regulations 2006.

Wine Regulations 2006: 5 – New Zealand Legislation

Small winemakers may seek an exemption from WSMP requirements

To be eligible for a small winemaker exemption, you must meet all the following criteria:

  • You must make less than 20,000 litres of wine over 2 years.
  • All your wine must be sold in New Zealand and not be exported.
  • You must notify the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) of the dates of that 2-year period.

If you don't currently have a registered WSMP you must apply for the exemption before you make any wine. If you have a registered WSMP you must apply for the exemption before you surrender your registration.

This exemption is valid for 2 years from date of exemption. Before this period expires you must either notify MPI of your intention to renew it, or register a WSMP.

If you do not need to register a WSMP, you still need to follow requirements under the Wine Act 2003. The easiest way to meet these requirements is by following an approved Code of Practice (COP).

Exemption for very small winemakers (Wine Regulations 2006: 5A) – New Zealand Legislation

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Ensuring compliance

To ensure compliance to the exemption, MPI will undertake random audits of exempt winemakers.

Who to contact

If you have questions about WSMPs, email

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