Exempt from registering a Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP)

Small winemakers and wine businesses only labelling wine bottles or packaging don't need to register a Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP). They must still follow the Wine Act 2003.

Businesses only labelling wine bottles and packaging exempt from WSMP

If your business is solely engaged in labelling of packaged wine, you are exempt from the requirement to operate under a registered WSMP. You can find more information about this in Regulation 5 of the Wine Regulations 2006.

Labelling wine only exempt from Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP) – Wine Regulations 2006: Regulation 5 – NZ Legislation website  

Small winemakers exempt from WSMP

To be eligible for a small winemaker exemption, you must meet 2 criteria:

  • you make less than 20,000 litres of wine over 2 years
  • all your wine is sold in New Zealand.

While you do not need to register a WSMP, you still need to follow requirements under the Wine Act 2003. The easiest way to meet these requirements is by following an approved Code of Practice (COP).

List of small winemakers exempt from WSMP

There are full details of this exemption in Regulation 5A of the Wine Regulations 2006:

Small winemakers exempt from WSMP – Wine Regulations 2006: Regulation 5a – NZ Legislation website

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