Reporting an allergic reaction to foods

It’s our job to look into any reports of undeclared allergens in food to help protect consumers. By letting us know, you can help prevent reactions from happening to other people.

Report undeclared allergens in food

Have you or a family member had an allergic reaction to food you think contains an undeclared allergen? It’s important you report this to New Zealand Food Safety.

First make sure you or your family member is OK

Follow your allergy or anaphylaxis action plan. If needed, use your EpiPen and/or get medical help.

Keep all food packaging

Keep all the food packaging (if it was packaged) as we may ask for this. Do not rinse or clean it.

Note where and when you bought it. You can also send a photo of packaging labels and/or menu items.

Contact the food business

Contact the food business to let them know of the reaction.

For packaged food, the contact details of the food business will be on the label.

Contact New Zealand Food Safety

Report the allergic reaction by phoning our consumer food safety line on 0800 00 83 33 or by emailing

We want to hear from you

We will take details of your allergic reaction and the food you or your family member ate.

We then follow up with the food business involved and sometimes a recall of that food may be needed. A food recall involves telling consumers about the risk and ensuring that the food is not available to consumers until we are sure it is safe.

Food businesses may be fined or prosecuted if they do not meet the rules.

Find out more

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