AquaFresh brand Smoked Mussels

7 May 2016: AquaFresh Products Limited is recalling a specific batch of their AquaFresh brand Smoked Mussels (BBQ, Chilli, Garlic, Natural) because the products may contain Listeria.
AquaFresh smoked Mussels. Various flavours 250 gram packaging
AquaFresh Smoked Mussels. Top left: BBQ flavour(250g). Top right: Chilli flavour (250g). Bottom left: Garlic flavour (250g). Bottom right: Natural flavour (250g). (Examples only, affected batch code and date mark details are provided below).

Product identification

Product type Smoked Mussels
Name of product (size) AquaFresh brand Smoked Mussels (250g)
Flavours: BBQ, Chilli, Garlic, Natural
Batch marking Batch code 3-1-118
Date marking

Use By 26 May 2016

Package size and description Sold in a 250g vacuum pack
Distribution The products have been sold from Guytons Nelson, North Canterbury Seafood, Fresh Choice Nelson and New World supermarkets in Matamata, Mosgiel, Wanaka, and Winton.
Notes This recall does not affect any other AquaFresh brand products

Consumer advice

Customers are asked to check the batch number and Use By date on the product label. Affected product(s) should not be consumed. There have been no reports of illness, however if you have consumed any of these products and have any concerns about illness, please seek medical advice.

Customers should return the products to their retailer for a full refund.

Who to contact

If you have questions, contact AquaFresh Products Limited:

  • Phone: 03 546 6085
  • Address: 83 Vanguard Street, Nelson
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