Eta brand Chocolate Raisins

7 June 2016: Griffin’s Foods Ltd is recalling a specific batch of its Eta brand Chocolate Raisins as the product may contain chocolate coated peanuts.

UPDATE - 7 July 2016

This recall was undertaken on 7 June 2016, however since then the affected batch may have been released to New World, Pak’n Save, Four Square stores and retail outlets throughout the South Island due to a mistake in the Griffin’s distribution centre.

Bag of Eta chocolate raisins
Eta brand Chocolate Raisins (100g).

Product identification

Product type Chocolate coated Raisins
Name of product (size)

Eta brand Chocolate Raisins (100g)

Batch marking


Date marking

Best Before 02 May 17

Package size and description

Product is sold in a 100g plastic pouch.


The product is sold in retail outlets and supermarkets throughout New Zealand. The product has not been exported.

Notes This recall does not affect any other Eta brand or any other products manufactured by Griffin’s Foods Ltd.

Consumer advice

Customers are asked to check the date marking printed on the top of the back side of the pouch. People with a peanut allergy should not consume this product. If you have consumed this product and have any concerns about your health, please seek medical advice. If you are not allergic or intolerant to peanuts, this recall does not affect you. Customers should return the products to their retailer for a full refund.

Who to contact

If you have questions, contact Griffin’s Foods Ltd:

  • Phone: 0800 474 334
  • Address: Level 5, Tower B, 100 Carlton Gore Road, Auckland
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