Magills Butchery ready-to-eat cured meat products

22 June 2018: Magills Butchery Ltd is recalling various batches of its salami, biltong and cabanossi due to a lack of process control.

Magills pepperoni salami image
Top from left: Magills Pepperoni Salami and Magills Calabrese Salami. Bottom from left: Magills Mild Dutch Salami, Magills Beef Biltong and Magills Cabanossi.


Product identification

Product type

Cured ready to eat meat

Name of product (size)

  • Magills Pepperoni Salami
  • Magills Calabrese Salami
  • Magills Mild Dutch Salami
  • Magills Beef Biltong
  • Magills Cabanossi

Date marking

  • All dates of Magills cabanossi and salami products
  • Magills beef biltong with a best before prior to 18/8/18                                                                                                                                                

Package size and description

These products are sold in plastic vacuumed packs of varying sizes.


The products are sold at Magills Butchery shop:

81 B Jacobs Street,

Te Awamutu


Or online at

The products are not exported.


This recall does not affect any other Magills Butchery products

Consumer advice

Affected products should not be consumed. There have been no reports of illness, however if you have consumed any of these products and have any concerns about your health, seek medical advice.

Customers should return the products to Magills Butchery for a full refund.

Who to contact

If you have questions, contact Magills Butchery:

  • Phone: 0800 62 44 557
  • Address: 81B Jacobs Street, Te Awamutu
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