Direct Grants for tree planting from the One Billion Trees Fund

If you want to plant trees on your land or have the legal right to plant on land you don’t own, the One Billion Trees Fund may be able to support you. This funding will contribute to the costs of planting and establishing trees, and/or of managing your land to regenerate to native forest.

30 April 2021

The One Billion Trees fund is now closed for new applications. All existing signed contracts will progress according to the contract terms.

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About Direct Grants for tree planting

Direct Grants from the One Billion Trees Fund are available to landowners, including private landowners, farmers and Māori landowners, to help with the costs of planting trees or assisting reversion to native forest. Applications can be submitted year-round.

Before you apply for a Direct Grant

It’s important to think through why, what, and how you’re going to plant trees on your land before you apply for a tree planting grant from the One Billion Trees Fund.

Direct Grant funding categories

There are 4 categories of grants available with additional top-ups in some cases. You can apply for one or more grant categories in the same application.

Eligibility criteria for Direct Grants

Before you start your application for a direct grant from the One Billion Trees Fund, check your project against the eligibility criteria.

Application process for a Direct Grant

Check out the steps in the application process, and find out what supporting evidence you need to apply. You can also check out examples of the application form, contract, and management plans to help with your application.

How Direct Grants are paid out

Direct Grants payments are paid in instalments when you meet certain milestones during your project.

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