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We support a number of projects through partnership funding. Find out who we're working with and what the projects are about. We update this list monthly.

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Project: Land restoration
Objective: Tribal-led restoration of Motutapu. Planting up to 123,200 trees and shrubs across 28 hectares of whenua at Hukunui.
Duration: 3 years
One Billion Trees investment: $1,180,220

Sustainable Business Network

Partner: Million Metres Streams
Objective: Cover the funding gap by sponsors who withdrew their support post-COVID. Funding covers salary of 3 staff for 8 months and associated operating costs. This ensures the 2020 planting programme is completed and planning for 2021 is underway. There will be 2.4 full-time equivalent roles retained. 
Duration: 1 year
One Billion Trees investment: $80,000

Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Project: Priority planting programme
Objective: Plant 170 hectares of high priority erosion-prone land with native species in the 2020 and 2021 planting seasons.
Extension: Support for fencing, site preparation and planting. Another 47 hectares will be planted with 134,000 native plants.
 3 years
One Billion Trees investment: $693,000

Kaiate Falls

Project: Riparian planting 
Objective: The falls are a popular swimming location heavily affected by E. coli. Planting 50,000 to 60,000 native trees in riparian areas will remove access for stock and mitigate surface runoff. 
 2 years
One Billion Trees investment: $302,400

Minginui Nursery – Ngāti Whare Holdings

Project: Riparian planting 
Objective: Scale up Minginui Nursery production of forestry-grade native seedlings from 20,000 to 1 million seedlings each year, and boost community development. Ngāti Whare gets local people into full-time permanent work, offering services such as social and health services. It grows rimu, tōtara, mataī, kahikatea, miro and kauri. 
Duration: 3 years
One Billion Trees investment: $5,800,000

Perrin Ag

Project: Integrating farm and forestry land use 
Objective: Understand the barriers to farmers integrating trees into their farm system in Northland, Bay of Plenty, Rangitikei and Canterbury. Perrin Ag will explore options to enhance water quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sustain business viability.
 1 year
One Billion Trees investment: $288,088 


Project: Acceleration of primary production in native trees
Objective: Boost the deployment of high-quality native trees to meet increasing demand for seedlings. Provide important research for native seedling propogation.
 2 years
One Billion Trees investment: $422,500 

Tāne Mahuta

Project: Learn While You Earn programme
Objective: Give local rangatahi (trainees) job opportunities to work on their whenua, learn new forestry skills, get practical training, and study towards NZQA Level 2, 3, and 4 forestry qualifications.
One Billion Trees investment: $205,624
Outputs: In an area where there has been little opportunity for local rangatahi, many took the opportunity to gain qualifications, plan for a future, and earn money. All 20 of the rangatahi successfully graduated the course. Of those, 18 were offered employment within the sector. The other 2 decided to continue forestry training. Tāne Mahuta also set up a women's crew – the Hine-ahu-one forestry crew. 

Video: Tāne Mahuta "Learn While you Earn" programme providing hope for rangatahi – YouTube

Video: Tāne Mahuta Hine-ahu-one forestry crew – YouTube


Canterbury University

Project: Restoration ambassador
Objective: Provide expert ecological restoration advice, particularly to areas with limited access to information and high demand such as the East Coast and Far North. 
One Billion Trees investment: $98,875

Department of Conservation

Project: Te Waihora restoration
Objective: Plant 68,000 trees and shrubs on the banks of Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere. This includes restoration of a critically rare forest type (kahikatea) and a degraded wetland ecosystem. This restoration is of high cultural importance to iwi.
Duration: 3 years
One Billion Trees investment: $1,059,332

Chatham Islands

Chatham Islands collective

Project: Nursery collective
Objective: Improve native tree seedling availability and produce another 62,500 seedlings each year. The collective will establish 9 micro-nurseries to reduce transport costs and cope with a unique ecosystem.
Duration: Ongoing
One Billion Trees investment: $163,505

Manukau Land Trust

Project: Native planting application
Objective: Planting 140 hectares of native trees including hakapiri, kopi, hoho, Chatham Islands nikau, and rautini. The trust will also plant 10.37 hectares of eucalypts for timber and poles for general island use. This area of planting includes coastal margins and a large gully.
Duration: 10 years
One Billion Trees investment: $856,635



Project: Training pruning crew
Objective: A pruning training programme for people interested in entering the forestry sector. Based in Tairāwhiti.
Duration: 2 months
One Billion Trees investment: $89,387

Eastland Wood Council

Project: Training the Next Forest Generation
Objective: Upskill displaced forestry workers to keep them in the sector. This project is part of the Tairāwhiti COVID-19 forestry sector recovery package.
Duration: 2 months
One Billion Trees investment: $56,488


Project: Forestry School pilot
Objective: Run a 1-year forestry skills training course. Ten trainees studied towards Level 3 harvesting qualifications, and 6 trainees studied towards Level 4 harvesting qualifications. 
Duration: Complete
One Billion Trees investment: $301,209
Outputs: After the training, 8 of the 11 trainees graduated. All 8 were employed in the forestry sector. The other 3 trainees entered other non-forestry training.

Whakaoratia Te Mana o Te Waiapu

Project: Training the Next Forest Generation
Objective: Address significant erosion and sediment issues in the Waiapu River. This will include construction of sediment dams, improved river corridor design, training, nursery development and planting activity.
Duration: 10 years
One Billion Trees investment: $5,030,000

Hawke's Bay

Hawke's Bay Regional Council

Project: Right tree, right place
Objective: Appropriate tree species and forest systems need to be established for the right reasons. This work included sediment reduction, ecosystem services, carbon sequestration and commercial timber production, demonstrations of effectiveness of these approaches and methodologies. 
Duration: Complete
One Billion Trees investment: $235,000
Outputs: A summary report of the findings, an underlying technical report and a series of supporting reports on a range of topics, including species characterisations.

Nga Kaitiaki o Hōhepa

Project: Capacity expansion and training project
Objective: Expand the native plant nursery. Eco-sourced seedlings will be used in wetland restoration projects. The funding will allow another 12 people with complex intellectual disabilities to be engaged in seedling production and training.
Duration: 3 years
One Billion Trees investment: $250,000

Video: Hohepa Nursery gets funds to expand, creating more jobs for people with disabilities – YouTube

Te Matai No.1 and No.2 Trust

Project: Ripia restoration planting
Objective: In 2017, fire destroyed forest on 73 hectares across 2 Māori-owned blocks in the Ripia catchment. These areas will be replanted with the revegetation of this land used as a work experience exercise for rangatahi (trainees). A pilot course in 2018 planted 10 hectares in mānuka. 
Duration: 3 years
One Billion Trees investment: $480,560


Horizons Regional Council

Project: Afforestation initiative – stage 1
Objective: Plant 1.3 million trees on erosion-prone land and provide appraisals for landowners thinking about planting trees on farmland. Created jobs in some of the most remote communities in the region where unemployment is high. Planting will reduce erosion and sedimentation, mitigate climate change and improve water quality.
Duration: Complete
One Billion Trees investment: $970,600
Outputs: 1.36 million trees were planted including 40,000 alternative exotics across 50 hectares, 848,000 mānuka across 565 hectares, and 467,000 radiata across 425 hectares.

Tararua District Council

Project: Right tree, right place
Objective: Provide a decision-support tool for landowners adding alternative species into their farm system. Draws on national data adapted for the local context, and allows the Tararua District Council to plan for the future of forestry.
Duration: 1 year
One Billion Trees investment: $145,000


Auckland University of Technology

Project: Living Laboratories
Objective: Establish a research platform for using large-scale forest restoration in agricultural landscapes. This restoration is to improve biodiversity, carbon sequestration and sustainability.
Duration: 3 years
One Billion Trees investment: $581,842

Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research

Project: Social licenses and barriers to planting research
Objective: Find out what the public think about the planting of forests, and identify barriers to large-scale planting. Create tools to support landowners' planting and social license for planned planting schemes.
Duration: 2 years
One Billion Trees investment: $376,850

Manuka Farming NZ Ltd

Project: Commerical Mānuka 
Objective: Plant 1.8 million seedlings to develop commercial mānuka plantations.
Duration: Complete
One Billion Trees investment: $1,716,050
Outputs: 1.67 million mānuka seedlings were purchased and planted. 

Matariki Tu Rākau

Project: Memorial tree plantings
Objective: Plant memorials as living salutes to service men and women of the Defence Force, Māori leaders, philanthropic contributors, writers and artists. 
Duration: 3 years
One Billion Trees investment: $5,550,000
Outputs: A total of 1.67 million mānuka seedlings were purchased and planted. 

New Zealand Dryland Forests Initiative – Durable Hardwood Industry

Project: Research and development
Objective: Improve the supply of durable eucalypt species (Eucalyptus bosistoana and E. globodeia). The long-term aim is to create a multi-regional, sustainable, durable hardwood value chain.
Duration: 2 years
One Billion Trees investment: $539,500

New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated

Project: Plant Production Biosecurity Accreditation Scheme (PPBAS)
Objective: Establish a scheme to support professional biosecurity management in the plant production industry. This includes development of a native plant module, a traceability and recall standard, and key strategic documents including an implementation plan.
Duration: 3 years
One Billion Trees investment: $100,000

New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated

Project: One Billion Trees native trees nursery capability building
Objective: Develop an action plan for nurseries to address capability issues that will affect seedling production in the One Billion Trees programme.
Duration: 1 year
One Billion Trees investment: $100,000

Permanent Forests New Zealand

Project: Nursery Practice Guidelines
Objective: Interview experienced nurserymen to find out how best to grow large volumes of seedlings (open ground, bare root) that are robust and low cost. 
Duration: 20 weeks
One Billion Trees investment: $39,500

Rotary 100

Project: Forests of Peace and Remembrance
Objective: Plant native trees as living memorials to worthy causes. Funding was used to hold stakeholder meetings and produce a scoping report. This formed the basis of an application for funding to plant native forests of remembrance. 
Duration: Complete
One Billion Trees investment: $95,000
Outputs: Meetings with district and regional councils, volunteer groups, iwi and landowners, survey and questionnaire with results given to Te Uru Rākau, scoping report that forms the foundation of an expression of interest for funding in phase 2 of the project.


Project: Native trees establishment success
Objective: Research weed control options to improve planting programme effectiveness.  
Duration: 3 years
One Billion Trees investment: $404,000


Project: Remeasurement of selected enrichment and assisted reversion trials
Objective: Re-start indigenous and mixed forest trials from the 1980s to find optimal planting regimes.
Duration: Complete
One Billion Trees investment: $97,000
Outputs: Guidelines and prescriptions for native tree planting, based on real examples. These will help landowners successfully establish plantings. The results will be added to factsheets developed by Tane's Tree Trust. 

Tane's Tree Trust

Project: Cost-effective planting
Objective: Establish 2 planting and regeneration areas. Create factsheets and case studies of large-scale, low-cost establishment of native forest across a range of sites, and templates for planting, maintenance and monitoring. These will be made publicly available.
Duration: 3 years
One Billion Trees investment: $165,863

Te Uru Rākau

Project: Forestry Scholarships
Objective: Fund 8 Te Uru Rākau Forestry Scholarships.
Duration: 3 years
One Billion Trees investment: $1,139,600

Trees That Count

Project: Grow regional and national presence
Objective: Support the Trees That Count programme to attract corporate and private funding for planting native trees.
Duration: 3 years
One Billion Trees investment: $6,650,000


Hokianga Harbour Care Incorporated

Project: Catchment coordinator employment and planting
Objective: Employ a coordinator to support engagement with landowners, and plan planting activities on land linked to 3 catchments. It will also support part-time roles in 3 existing community nurseries, which will produce an extra 128,000 seedlings. 
Duration: 3 years
One Billion Trees investment: $266,906


Project: Afforestation hub
Objective: Establish an afforestation hub to focus on the North Hokianga and Awanui catchment areas. The hub will help prepare One Billion Trees Direct Landowner Grant applications.  
Duration: 2 years
One Billion Trees investment: $499,200


Project: Restoration hub
Objective: Establish a restoration hub focussed on improving access to, and uptake of, native tree planting opportunities from North Hokianga to Kaitaia. The hub will help prepare One Billion Trees Direct Landowner Grant applications.  
Duration: 2 years
One Billion Trees investment: $688,800

Ngāti Hine

Project: Mānuka training programme
Objective: Plant up to 495 hectares of mānuka on Ngāti Hine Forestry Trust land. This will establish a commercial mānuka plantation and beekeeping business to help diversify land use. The programme will provide work experience for up to 40 young people, with potential for other regions to use the training programme. It will support the growth of opportunities for higher skilled and better paid jobs in Northland, increase economic resilience, and improve Ngāti Hine’s land.
Duration: 2 years
One Billion Trees investment: $1,894,965
Land rental agreement: In early 2018 Te Uru Rākau and Ngāti Hine Forestry Trust signed a land rental agreement to plant and manage 3,600 hectares of commercial forest in the Far North. This will boost the local economy, create employment opportunities, and promote social outcomes for the whole region. In 2018, 500,000 pine trees were planted. Another 2 million trees will be planted over the next 3 years.

Ngāti Rēhia

Project: Kauri Sanctuary feasability study
Objective: Explore the creation of a kauri sanctuary, free from kauri dieback, on 45 hectares of sheltered Ngāti Rēhia land. The project provided an opportunity for research and control of kauri dieback in a contained plantation environment, and trained locals to identify the disease.
Duration: Complete
One Billion Trees investment: $337,700
Outputs: Ngāti Rēhia confirmed their whenua is free of kauri dieback. The income from a sanctuary will help the iwi's strong focus on investing in housing, health and education for its people. Ngāti Rēhia is working with Te Uru Rākau towards an agreement for the Crown to establish a joint venture commercial forest on their land. 


Project: Tōtara industry pilot
Objective: Look at the potential for a commercial tōtara industry. A new niche industry could be developed to produce high-value native wood products, diversify Northland’s economy, and sustainably grow jobs. 
Duration: 2 years
One Billion Trees investment: $450,000. Scion and Northland Inc are providing additional funding.

Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Rēhia

Project: Takou Block
Objective: Create and restore an entire kauri ecosystem within a biosecurity-controlled sanctuary. This will be on the peninsula that was the ancestral home of Puhi and final resting place of the ancient waka Mātaatua. 
Duration: 1 year
One Billion Trees investment: $58,180


Hukarere Station

Project: Native planting application
Retire 700 hectares of hill country from grazing, and ring-fence it to establish native forest. Over the next 3 to 4 years, plant 550 hectares of beech tree species, mixed native shrub and mānuka. Encourage the retirement of around 120 hectares of land where reversion is starting, and manage this into a forest state.
Duration: 10 years
One Billion Trees investment: $2,335,340

Queen Elizabeth II National Trust and Ngā Kākano Whakahau

Project: Native seed planting trial
Establish large areas of native forest using seeds injected with beneficial native fungi. The funding is for planting trials. The research group includes Queen Elizabeth II National Trust, the University of Otago, Taege Engineering and the Department of Conservation.
Duration: 3 years
One Billion Trees investment: $825,997


TreeMachine – Ngāti Maru

Project: Northen Institute of Skills and Technology (previously NorthTec) forestry training
Objectives: Provide a 17-week NZQA training course for 10 rangatahi (trainees). Tree Machine delivered the training, partnered with the Northen Institute of Skills and Technology and Ngāti Maru.
Duration: Complete
One Billion Trees investment: $85,420
Outputs: Of the 10 rangatahi, 7 graduated. Two did not graduate but completed the training after the course. One month after the project finished, 8 of the rangatahi were in workplace trials or full-time employment.



Tasman Environmental Trust

Project: Waimea Inlet restoration 
Objective: Support site preparation, plant 61,221 native plants, carry out maintenance, and employ a programme coordinator.
Duration: 3 years
One Billion Trees investment: $1,092,316


King Country River Care

Project: Catchment restoration
Objectives: This project involves 150km of riparian fencing, and planting 200,000 native seedlings across 27 hectares. It will create 16 full-time equivalent roles and 20 trainee roles. King Country River Care work across multiple catchments in the King Country district. 
Duration: 4 years
One Billion Trees investment: $1,991,000

Ngati Haua Mahi Trust

Project: Karapiro catchment
Objectives: Plant 106,656 plants across 25 hectares of land, and erect 30km of fencing. Work will take place in the priority Karapiro catchment. Funding will help Ngati Haua expand their existing workstreams. 
Duration: 4 years
One Billion Trees investment: $637,500

Partnership with 3 iwi in the Coromandel

Project: Manaia River subcatchment restoration
Objectives: Plant 40,000 plants over 14 hectares, erect 7km of fencing, and train 10 people. 
Duration: 3 years
One Billion Trees investment: $855,412

Waikato Regional Council

Project: Riparian restoration
Objectives: Extend Waikato Regional Council programmes to integrate trees into the existing farming landscape. This will be done using mostly native species for riparian, gully and wetland restoration projects. 
Duration: 2 years
One Billion Trees investment: $800,000


Wainuioru Catchment Care Group

Project: Catchment plan
Objectives: Plant 300,000 native seedlings across 120 hectares in the upper Wainuioru catchment, Wairarapa, and create 5 full-time equivalent roles. 
Duration: 4 years
One Billion Trees investment: $1,575,000

West Coast

Department of Conservation

Project: Punakaiki coastal restoration
Objectives: Upgrade a nursery, restore wetlands, and plant 179,000 trees and shrubs. 
Duration: 3 years
One Billion Trees investment: $1,209,000

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