New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre

Find out about the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre, the work it does and MPI's involvement.

Research partnership

The New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre (NZAGRC) is a partnership between leading New Zealand research providers who study agricultural greenhouse gases and the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium (PGGRC). It was announced in 2009 and formally opened in 2010.

Helping agriculture create wealth

The NZAGRC's mission is to provide information, technologies and behaviours that help agriculture create wealth for New Zealand in a carbon-constrained world.

It is fully funded by the Government through the Primary Growth Partnership (PGP).

Research focuses

The NZAGRC is investing $48.5 million over 10 years into New Zealand agricultural greenhouse gas emissions research. Its vision is to be an internationally renowned centre for research and development.

The centre's research mainly focuses on:

  • ruminant methane
  • nitrous oxide
  • soil carbon
  • integrated farm systems.

It also aims to:

  • improve coordination of greenhouse gas research
  • build New Zealand's research capacity by supporting students, early career scientists, technicians and senior scientists
  • support summer school, Masters and PhD students in New Zealand universities through its Student Scholarship Fund.

Involvement with the Global Research Alliance

The NZAGRC plays a major role in the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA).

  • Its director is co-chair of the GRA's Livestock Research Group.
  • It administers the Government's science investments in support of the GRA.
  • It also administers the GRA's education award scheme.

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