Māori Agribusiness Pathway to Increased Productivity (MAPIP) Programme

The Māori Agribusiness Pathway to Increased Productivity (MAPIP) Programme provides support for trustees or owners of Māori land who want to make progress with changing their land use.


MAPIP has a specific focus on tangible on-the-ground projects that will lead to increasing the productivity and sustainability of land use to meet owners’ aspirations.

MAPIP funding is primarily used in the early stages to better understand the potential of land or the feasibility of specific options.

In many cases owners have had little direct connection with their land for a long period of time as it has been under lease, or the land is currently productive and trustees or owners are seeking ways to improve productivity or sustainability.

Their vision, typically, is for a diverse land development strategy with a strong community connection.

The difference between MABx and MAPIP

MAPIP offers a one-on-one approach, and this is a key difference between MAPIP and MABx (which offers a group-based approach).  MAPIP may be the best option because there is no-one else with similar enough questions or interests at that time for a MABx cluster to be set up or you are in a different development phase.

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Completed MAPIP projects

The MAPIP programme started in 2015 and more than 70 projects have been completed with Māori land owners. Following is a selection.

Mooving forward: An evaluation of the Rangihamama Dairy Conversion report [PDF, 3.5 MB]

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Our network of staff located regionally will act as your first contact point. They will spend time getting to know you and developing a picture together of what you need and how we can help.

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