Recognised Laboratory Programme

Learn about getting your laboratory registered under the Animal Products Act.

Who needs to be recognised

Under the Animal Products Act 1999, the Recognised Laboratory Programme applies to laboratories that:


Find out about the requirements of the programme in the Animal Products Notice: Specifications for Laboratories. And see the types of tests that are covered by the programme in the Consolidated list of tests for animal products, which includes meat, poultry, honey, seafood, dairy, live animals, and germplasm.


For guidance and background on implementing the Recognised Laboratory Programme, refer to the following:

Application process

Apply for recognition as a laboratory under section 101 of the Animal Products Act 1999 if you wish to:

  • carry out tests associated with live animals, animal material, or animal product, or
  • amend or renew an existing recognition.

Refer to the following flow diagrams for information on MPI timeframes and tips on how to submit a complete application:

Application form

Download an application form, which includes information on applicable fees, and view a list of laboratories associated with the RLP:

Pesticide testing

If you want your laboratory recognised by MPI to analyse pesticides, use application form PAL 1 – Registration of recognised pesticide analytical laboratory. Use the same form to advise MPI of any subsequent changes to your applicant details, key technical personnel, or analytical methods.


In the event of a critical non-compliance, use this form to notify MPI:


Laboratories in New Zealand are accredited by IANZ. Accreditation with IANZ attests to a laboratory's competence, the integrity of its equipment, the validity of its methods and results, and its compliance with appropriate standards.

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