Data assessors for ACVM registration data assessment reports

Your agricultural compound or veterinary medicine (ACVM) registration application must include a data assessment report by a competent, independent person – known as a 'data assessor'. MPI keeps a list of approved data assessors.

ACVM data assessors list

MPI requires data assessment to be done before an application for registration (or variation to registration) is made under the ACVM Act. An application must include appropriate data assessment reports from a competent and independent data assessor.

The purpose of listing data assessors is to give a clear, transparent, and predictable view on the acceptability of data assessment reports. This allows applicants to make an informed decision when supplying data assessment reports for the appraisal of an application to register (or to vary the registration of) a trade name product.

It is not mandatory for persons completing data assessment reports to be listed. However, data assessment reports completed by non-listed persons will be subject to greater scrutiny and we may require peer review.

List of data assessors competent to produce ACVM data assessment reports

Become an MPI-listed data assessor

These documents explain the process of becoming listed as a data assessor. These people perform independent data assessment in specified areas and prepare data assessment reports concerning trade name products for registration (or variation).

Data assessment report templates

Use the following templates for your data assessment reports. Note that these templates are likely to change in 2018.

Agricultural chemicals data assessment report templates

Vertebrate toxic agents (VTA) data assessment report templates

Veterinary medicines data assessment report templates

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