Border Clearance Levy

Anyone arriving in or leaving New Zealand must pay the Border Clearance Levy. This help to pay for our biosecurity services.

Purpose of the Border Clearance Levy

Biosecurity New Zealand and the New Zealand Customs Service work together at New Zealand's border. They check everyone who arrives in or leaves New Zealand. Part of that work is checking that international travellers don't bring biosecurity risk goods into New Zealand.

The Border Clearance Levy was introduced in 2016. It pays for technology and staff to improve:

  • our border protection
  • customers' experiences
  • processing of travellers.

This has made New Zealand's border services better, and helped protect New Zealand. Clearance of people at the border has become more efficient.

The levy rate is based on:

  • border processing costs
  • forecast traveller numbers
  • any surplus or shortfall from the levy's operation to date
  • planned biosecurity investment.

Border Clearance Levy – Customs

Current levy rates

Air travellers and people on private yachts must pay:

  • $14.93 (including GST) arrival levy
  • $2.56 (including GST) departure levy.

Cruise passengers must pay:

  • $14.21 (including GST) arrival levy
  • $4.10 (including GST) departure levy.

These charges are included in the price of air travel and cruise tickets. Private aircraft and yachts will be invoiced.

Latest performance report

Download the levy performance report for the year to 30 June 2020 [PDF, 963 KB]

The June 2020 report shows performance for the 12 months to 30 June 2020. It also provides a forecast through to 30 June 2021.

The report includes:

  • forecast traveller numbers
  • agencies' forecast costs
  • agencies' work programmes
  • agencies' performance.

If you have questions about the report, email

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