Fees and charges overview

MPI recovers the cost of providing our services from individuals and industry. Most of these fees are set out in legal regulations.

Why we charge

MPI provides a range of important services that are critical to the operation and viability of New Zealand's primary industries, and to ensure the safety of consumers of New Zealand products. These services include:

  • biosecurity inspections to prevent pests entering the country
  • developing and maintaining domestic and overseas standards for food and other products
  • monitoring and testing products to ensure consumer safety
  • gaining market access and providing assurances to overseas customers.

To continue to provide these services and to ensure the quality of our systems, we recover most costs for our services from industry and individuals. We're also required by law to recover costs from those who most directly benefit from these services. Collecting these fees means MPI can continue to play its integral role in the growth of our $37.4 billion primary sector export industry. MPI ensures New Zealanders and overseas consumers can trust New Zealand products to be safe and to meet standards.

Changes to fees

To ensure MPI is charging the appropriate fees for services, we regularly review our fees and charges. We consult with those affected. Subscribe to our consultations to stay informed.

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Any changes to fees are usually effective from 1 July. Whether you’re charged the new or the old fee depends on when your application or work began.

Any work or applications received and accepted by MPI (and the applications are assessed as complete) before 1 July will be charged at old rates until the work is complete.

All work and applications received and accepted by MPI on or after 1 July will be charged at the new rates.

Previous changes to fees and charges

What you'll pay

You can find fees and charges information tailored to your product type in our information for:

Legislation listing fees and charges

You can also check legislation for fees and charges on the NZ Legislation website. 

Note:  These regulations do not list all MPI's charges. There are some charges that are not set by regulation (like some laboratory fees).

Who to contact

If you have any questions about MPI's fees and charges:

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