Redesign of animal products and wine regulations

We want to make our food safety and wine regulations and legal notices clearer and easier to understand. Find out what's happening and how you can get involved.

Why we're redesigning the rules

Reviews into food safety regulations have found they need improving.

Of note was the 2013 government inquiry into the whey protein concentrate contamination incident. That inquiry found food safety regulatory requirements and notices repetitive, complex, and inaccessible.

Subsequently, the Food Safety Law Reform Act of 2018 made recommendations for improvement. It requires MPI to complete a legislative redesign of regulations and notices under the:

  • Animal Products Act 1999
  • Wine Act 2003.

The work is to be completed by March 2022.

Download the timeline [PDF, 105 KB]

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Whey protein concentrate contamination incident

Food Safety Law Reform Act 2018 – NZ Legislation

Cabinet paper approving the redesign work [PDF, 658 KB]

What the redesign involves

This regulatory redesign focuses on making the existing rules easier to understand and follow. However, the project will not be making any changes to the underlying policy.

We'll be simplifying and consolidating 12,000 pages of animal product and wine regulations. That includes notices and supporting guidance documents. We'll ensure that the regulations support the notices.

Existing notice requirements are changed from time to time to fit the operating environment. In this redesign, notices will become more focused on industry-specific details and technical requirements. For example, they will specify processing and handling requirements such as temperatures.

We'll also be removing duplication. Requirements in the notices that apply to many industries will be consolidated into the regulations.

Animal Products Act 1999 –  NZ Legislation

Wine Act 2003 – NZ Legislation

A list of animal products regulations and notices – NZ Legislation

Aims of the project

  • To make it easier for operators to understand what they must do.
  • For operators to face fewer compliance issues.
  • For our trading partners to better understand our requirements. This will help us provide MPI assurances.

Changes to risk management programme (RMP) regulations

Additionally, some new RMP regulations will be published in mid-March 2020. This follows a December 2018 consultation on strengthening food recalls and risk-based plans and programmes. These new regulations will cover what operators need to provide (RMP outline) when registering their RMPs with MPI.

An amended Animal Products Risk Management Programme Specifications Notice 2008 will likely be released soon after. It will have some minor changes and will revoke the existing Animal Products Requirements for Risk Management Programme Outlines Notice 2008.

Consultation on proposals to strengthen food recalls and risk-based plans and programmes

Animal Products (Risk Management Programme Registration—Required Part) Regulations 2020 – NZ Legislation

Redesign work of regulations under the Animal Products Act

Throughout 2020 and 2021, MPI will be organising external reference group workshops. We'll invite animal product industry representatives. They'll review draft redesigned regulations and notices on different topics.

Later, we'll run consultations to give the public a chance to have their say. This will help ensure the redesigned regulations are fit-for-purpose.

We'll confirm the dates and topics of the workshops 3 to 4 weeks before they're held.

What we have covered in workshops

On 11 March 2020, we held our first workshop with the animal products sector on draft redesigned recognised agencies and persons and verification regulations.

On 30 June 2020, we held a workshop on Good Operating Practices which covered:

  • Cleaning and maintenance, maintenance compounds, waste management, and pest control.
  • Materials and products.
  • Protection during processing and preparation.
  • Premises, facilities, equipment, and essential services.

At a 27 August workshop, the topics discussed were:

  • registration and listing
  • competency, checks, corrective action, reporting, and record-keeping.

Topics for future workshops

Other topics that will be reviewed at future workshops are, in no particular order:

  • harvest and supply
  • transport and storage
  • monitoring and surveillance
  • control of specific substances in food-producing animals.

Redesign work of regulations under the Wine Act

Invited wine industry representatives will attend external reference group workshops. Like the Animal Product Act workshops, draft wine regulations and notices will be presented and discussed. Details for these workshops will be released when they are confirmed.

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