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AEBR 208 – Rocky reef impacts of the Kaikōura earthquake: quantification and monitoring of nearshore habitats and communities
Report - Aquatic Environment and Biodiversity (AEBR)
AEBR 212 – New Zealand fishes: A field guide to common species caught by bottom, midwater, and surface fishing
Report - Aquatic Environment and Biodiversity (AEBR)
FAR 2019/13 – Relative abundance, size and age structure, and stock status of blue cod in Foveaux Strait in 2018
Report - Fisheries Assessment Report (FAR)
Minimising the risks from Mycoplasma bovis at shows and events
Fact sheet
Mycoplasma bovis update full details infographic
Promotional materials
Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC)
Hepatitis A virus - Microbial pathogen data sheet
Fact sheet
Salmonella typhi science research
Fact sheet
Non-Typhoid Salmonellae
Information paper
Listeria Monocytogenes
Information paper
Giardia intestinalis - Microbial pathogen data sheet
Fact sheet
Protecting New Zealand’s Seabed from the Impacts of Bottom Trawling
Fact sheet
Historic log price series
National Fisheries Plan for Deepwater and Middle-depth Fisheries 2019
Strategy and Plan
Stock status table for fish stocks
Electronic Catch and Position Reporting: A Day in the Life of a Fisher
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