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Mycoplasma bovis update full details infographic
Promotional materials
Historic log price series
Central Recreational Fishing Rules - printer friendly
Information paper
Mycoplasma Bovis 2017 Response - FAQs
Information paper
Promotional materials
Promotional materials
FAR 2019/02 – A survey of the Foveaux Strait oyster (Ostrea chilensis) population (OYU 5) in commercial fishery areas and the status of Bonamia (Bonamia exitiosa) in February 2018
Report - Fisheries Assessment Report (FAR)
FAR 2019/01 – Updated BAR 1 barracouta (Thyrsites atun) characterisation, with standardisedCPUE for the east coast South Island fishery, 1990 to 2017
Report - Fisheries Assessment Report (FAR)
Microbiological survey of pre-packaged leafy salads available at retail in New Zealand
Technical paper
Statement: Absence of specified diseases from New Zealand
Fact sheet
NBL News Issue 8 December 2018
Agri-Gate Newsletter Issue 47 December 2018
Surveillance Magazine, Vol 45, No 4 – December 2018
Fact sheet
2015 Viticulture Monitoring Report - Marlborough
Report - Farm Monitoring Report
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