New resource makes food safety easier for businesses

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The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) today released a new resource to make it easier for businesses to manage food safety.

We have redesigned the template food control plan for businesses like restaurants, cafes and delis to comply with the Food Act.

Sally Johnston, Food and Beverage Manager says "the new plan directly responds to demands from businesses. They told us they needed less paperwork and simpler information, and we’ve listened to those needs"

"The new plan doesn’t change the rules, but has been redesigned based on what businesses say will work better for them. It is part of the government’s ongoing commitment to making it easier for businesses to operate."

The release follows wide ranging consultation with food businesses. MPI which sets the rules on food safety, contacted over 10,000 businesses to ask for feedback.

Feedback on the new plans was overwhelmingly positive. One business said the new plan was "far easier to understand and use. I would change to the new template without hesitation."

Other businesses said the plan was "very user friendly", "much more practical" and "a great improvement for users".

The revised plan is launched alongside a new digital tool, which helps businesses select which pages they need to use.

The release is timely, as many businesses need to start using food control plans this month. Some businesses, including licensed restaurants and cafes, need to apply to register under the Food Act by 31 March this year.

The Food Act improves food safety by taking a risk-based approach. It sets different rules for different businesses depending on what they do. Higher risk food businesses use a food control plan to set out what they will do to keep food safe.

Templates mean businesses don’t need to write their own plan from scratch. They are designed for food service businesses like restaurants, cafes and caterers, and food retailers like delis, butchers, fishmongers and bakeries. They are also for other organisations that make and serve food, like rest homes and schools.

The new plan is available alongside the previous plan, so businesses can choose which version they want to use.


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