Farm monitoring

Find reports on the performance of different primary sectors, such as pipfruit, viticulture, and sheep and cattle farming.

What's in the reports

Our farm monitoring reports focus on individual primary industry sectors. Find a sector's:

  • typical revenue
  • expenses
  • seasonal production
  • emerging trends.

Pipfruit (apples and pears)

Production and financial information for Hawke's Bay and Nelson pipfruit orchard models.

No written reports were produced for the 2018 and 2019 pipfruit monitoring rounds, but data is available upon request.

Requests for the model data from the 2019 pipfruit monitoring programme and prior years should be sent to


Viticulture (wine grapes)

Get a financial summary for growing, harvesting, and marketing the crop in Marlborough, Gisborne, Hawke's Bay, Wairarapa, and Otago in our gross margin reports.

Vineyard benchmarking reports break down production and financial information in more detail for the Marlborough vineyard model, and look at emerging issues for the industry. 


Apiculture (honey)

The Apiculture monitoring report provides data and information about honey production; prices for honey, bee products and pollination services, and some operating costs. Key industry statistics are reported, including export data for honey and live bees.


2020 Apiculture monitoring report [PDF, 4.6 MB]

2020 Apiculture monitoring report data [XLSX, 159 KB] 

2013 to 2019 reports


Pastoral (sheep and cattle)

Performance reports for sheep and cattle from our industry partners.


Farm Monitoring Programme

Information and data from MPI's 2012 pastoral, horticulture, arable, and apiculture monitoring programmes is available to download. 

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