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Brosnahan C, Pande A, Jones B (2015). Snapper mortalities: finding a cause. Surveillance 42(4), 24-26.

Buckle K and HA HJ (2015). Investigation of an unusual veterinary syndrome leading to confirmation of sporadic bovine encephalomyelitis (SBE) in New Zealand, Surveillance, 42(2), 9

Hall RJ, Draper JL, Nielsen FG, Dutilh BE. (2015). Beyond research: a primer for considerations on using viral metagenomics in the field and clinic. Frontiers in Microbiology 6.

Hiriote W, Gias EL, Welsh SH, Toms GL (2015). An investigation of the genetic basis of increased susceptibility to neutralization by anti-fusion glycoprotein antibody arising on passage of human respiratory syncytial virus in cell culture. Journal of Medical Virology 87:130-1

Lane HS, Booth K, Pande A, Jones JB (2015). First report of the myxozoan parasite Myxobolus episquamalis infecting grey mullet (Mugil cephalus) from New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 49(2),173-7.

McFadden AMJ, Heath ACG, Fairley R, Trolove P, Pulford DJ (2015). Theileria (Ikeda) associated bovine anaemia in a West Coast dairy farm. Vetscript 28 pp28-30 (February, 2015).

McFadden AMJ, Vink, D, Pulford, D, Lawrence K, Bingham P., Gias E, Heath ACG, Watts J, Sanson R (2015). Surveillance for Theileria associated bovine anaemia (Ikeda) in New Zealand. Proceedings of the Society of Dairy Cattle Veterinarians Annual Conference.

Ohneiser SA, Hills SF, Cave NJ, Passmore D, Dunowska M (2015). Canine parvorviruses in New Zealand from a monophyletic group distinct from the viruses circulating in other parts of the world. Veterinary Microbiology 178(3-4): 190-200.

O'Keefe J (2015).  Editorial: Building our Biosecurity Capability.  Surveillance 41 (3) p3, 201.

Perera PK, Gasser RB, Pulford DJ, Stevenson DA, Firestone SM, McFadden AMJ, Jabbar A. (2015). Comparison of the performance of three PCR assays for the detection and differentiation of Theileria orientalis genotypes. Parasites and Vectors, 8, 524.


Kittelberger R, McIntyre L, Watts J, MacDiarmid S, Hannah MJ, Jenner J, Bueno R, Swainsbury R, Lengeveld JPM, van Keulen LJM, van Zijderveld FG, Wemheuer WM, Richt JA, Sorensen SJ, Pigott CJ, O'Keefe JS (2014). Evaluation of two commercial, rapid, ELISA kits testing for scrapie in retro-pharyngeal lymph nodes in sheep. New Zealand Veterinary Journal 62(6), 1-23.

Kittelberger R, Nfon C, Clough R, McFadden A, Zhang Z, Spence R, Alexandersen S (2014). Establishing critical diagnostic capability for FMD in deer. Global Foot-and-Mouth Disease Research Alliance Newsletter 3, 8.

McFadden AMJ, Tham KM, Stevenson M, Goodwin M, Pharo H, Taylor B, Munro G, Owen K, Peacock L, Stanislawek WL, Stone M (2014). Israeli acute paralysis virus not detected in Apis mellifera in New Zealand in a national survey. Journal of Apicultural Research 53(5), 520-527.

Nolan D, Stephens F, Crockford M, Jones JB, Snow M (2014). Detection and characterisation of viruses of the genus Megalocytivirus in ornamental fish imported into an Australian border quarantine premises: an emerging risk to national biosecurity. Journal of Fish Diseases 38(2), 187-195.

Peacock L, Kittelberger R. Arbovirus Surveillance Programme (2014). Surveillance 41(3) 31-32.

Stanislawek WL, van Andel M.  (2014). Avian influenza surveillance programme. Surveillance 41(3), 22-23.

Vink D, Kittelberger R. Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSE) Surveillance Programme (2014). Surveillance 41(3), 29-30.


Brosnahan C, Keeling SE, Johnston C (2013). Juvenile oyster mortality response: A laboratory perspective. Surveillance 40(2), 25-27.

Buckle K, Draper J, Humphrey S, Hunter S (2013). First isolation in New Zealand of Mycoplasma lipofaciens, from the lung of a Fiordland crested penguin/tawaki with pneumonia. Surveillance 40(2), 5-7.

Draper J, Brosnahan C, Humphrey S (2013). Key factors for success with diagnostic microbiology samples. Vetscript 26(6), 10-13.

Keeling SE, Brosnahan CL, Johnston C, Willis R, Gudkovs N, McDonald WL (2013). Development and validation of a real-time PCR assay for the detection of Aeromonas salmonicida. Journal of Fish Diseases 36(5), 495-503.

Kittelberger R, McFadden AMJ, Kirkland PD, Hannah MJ, Orr D, Bueno R, Swainsbury R, Keen D, Jenner J, French J, Pigott CJ (2013). Evaluation of two commercial enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kits for the detection of serum antibodies against Akabane virus in cattle. Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 25, 645-648.

Lawrence K, McFadden A, Pulford D (2013). Theileria orientalis (ikeda) associated bovine anaemia: The epidemic to date. VetScript 26(10), 12-13.

McFadden A, Gias E, McFadden FS, Pulford D (2013). Risks of outbreaks of anaemia associated with Theileria orientalis Ikeda in cattle. VetScript 26(11), 32-33

McFadden AMJ, Pearce P V, Orr D, Nicoll K, Rawdon T G, Pharo H, Stone M (2013). Evidence for absence of equine arteritis virus in the horse population of New Zealand, New Zealand Veterinary Journal, 61, 300-304.

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Vink D, Kittelberger R (2013). Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE) surveillance programme. Surveillance 40(3), 27-29.

Watts J, Pulford D (2013). Theileria: The risks of ticks. VetScript 26 (10), 9-11.


Collins RA, Armstrong KF, Meier R, Yi Y, Brown SDJ, Cruickshank RH, Keeling SE, Johnston C (2012). Barcoding and border biosecurity: Identifying cyprinid fishes in the aquarium trade, Plos One.

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Kittelberger R (2012). Novel prion protein in BSE affected cattle in Switzerland – Letter to the Editor. Emerging Infectious Diseases 18(5), 890-892.

Kittelberger R, O'Connor K (2012). Differences in performance of an Ehrlichia canis immunofluorescence antibody test in two dog populations. Surveillance 39(1), 12-13.

Lee E, Kittelberger R, George S, Green O (2012). Arbovirus surveillance programme in New Zealand. Surveillance 39(3), 29-30.

McFadden AMJ, Tisdall DJ, Hill FI, Otterson P, Pulford D, Peake J, Finnegan CJ, LaRocca SA, Tham K-M, Weir AM (2012). The first case of a bull persistently infected with Border disease virus in New Zealand. New Zealand Veterinary Journal 60(5), 290-296.

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Stanislawek W, Frazer J, Rawdon T, McFadden A, Eunice L (2011). Avian influenza surveillance programme. Surveillance 38(3), 19-22.

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