Sending honey overseas for personal use or as a gift

Honey is an animal product, and only registered exporters can send animal products out of New Zealand even if it’s a gift or for personal use.

Sending honey overseas

Honey is an animal product, and anyone who sends animal products overseas must meet export requirements. It doesn’t matter where the honey is being sent, or why you are sending it. The requirements apply to all situations, including honey that is sent as a gift or a trade sample. For example, you cannot buy honey in a shop or supermarket in New Zealand and post it overseas.

To send honey overseas you must:

  • register as an animal products exporter or use the services of an exporter who is already registered
  • meet the requirements outlined in the General Export Requirements for Bee Products (GREX)
  • meet any overseas market access requirements (OMARs) that apply
  • secure certification if official assurance is required for the destination market.

Other requirements may also apply.

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Register as an animal products exporter

General Export Requirements for Bee Products (GREX) [PDF, 501 KB]

Overseas market access requirements (OMARs)

Find an exporter who is already registered

Official assurances

Markets that require official assurance (export certificates) include:

  • Western Australia
  • China (except small packages sold directly to consumers via cross border e-commerce (CBEC))
  • European Union countries including the United Kingdom (excluding packages less than 2kg to a natural person)
  • Japan
  • Republic of Korea
  • Malaysia
  • the United Arab Emirates.

Reasons for the strict rules for sending honey overseas

New Zealand honey products are highly regarded in our export markets. The provenance and quality of our honey are a key reason for this.

Exporters need to register so that our trading partners can have confidence in the agreements we have made with them and the systems we have in place.

New Zealand has a reputation as a producer of high quality, safe, and suitable honey products. Our regulatory system helps ensure this reputation is maintained. If someone tries to get around the rules or fails to comply with our standards and regulations this could undermine the system and damage our reputation.

Who to contact

If you have questions about sending food or animal products overseas for personal use or as a gift, email

Sending food overseas for business reasons

If you’re sending food overseas for business or commercial reasons, you need to meet New Zealand’s export requirements and the import requirements for the destination country. This includes online e-commerce retail and trade samples.

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Taking honey overseas with you

The rules are different if you are planning to take honey with you in your luggage when you leave New Zealand.

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