Taking honey overseas

You can take honey with you when you leave New Zealand – but you need to check if you can take it into your destination country.

Taking honey overseas

You can take honey out of New Zealand in your checked or hand luggage.

Like anything you take overseas, honey will be subject to your destination country’s customs and quarantine requirements. Some countries have limitations on the quantity of honey you can bring in. There may be greater restrictions if the honey is not in a commercially packed, unopened container.

To find out more

To find out more you should:

  • visit the destination country’s appropriate government agency website, or
  • contact the country’s embassy or representative in New Zealand.

Australia: Bringing or mailing goods to Australia

USA: Bringing food into the US

United Kingdom: Bringing food, animals or plants into the UK

European Union: What can you take with you?

Contact details for foreign representatives to New Zealand: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Sending honey overseas

Different rules apply if you are sending honey. There are export requirements you must meet if you want to send honey overseas by post, courier, or freight by ship or air. This is true even if it is for personal use or a gift.

Sending honey overseas

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