Protecting to Grow New Zealand: Biosecurity Forum 2016

Join us to launch the Biosecurity 2025 Direction Statement and engage with experts about the future of biosecurity in New Zealand.

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Our biosecurity system: One of the best

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Everyone in New Zealand has a part to play in our biosecurity system and everyone benefits from it.

To continue at the forefront of protection, it's important to build connections and work together to protect and grow our country.

MPI and the Government Industry Agreement for Biosecurity Readiness and Response (GIA) are proud to be hosting the Protecting to Grow New Zealand: Biosecurity Forum 2016.




About the forum

Protecting to Grow New Zealand is a 2-day event that will focus on the crucial role of our global biosecurity system to protect and grow New Zealand's unique environment, economy and people.

  • Day 1 features national and international speakers – including keynote speaker, the Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy, who will talk about the new Biosecurity 2025 Direction Statement.
  • Day 2 is a series of free workshops – where you can participate in planning for the implementation of the Biosecurity 2025 strategy.

What's being discussed

Discussion topics at the forum and workshops include:

  • what biosecurity is and the critical role our global system plays in protecting New Zealand's environment and economy
  • the importance of understanding and participating in our biosecurity system for industry and business
  • biosecurity drivers and the place of our biosecurity system in the everyday lives of New Zealanders
  • the connection between biosecurity and biodiversity
  • leadership and technology for the future.

You can go to both days or just one – but you must register to attend. If you're going to the workshops on Day 2, conference organisers will contact you after you register to discuss the sessions you'd like to attend. The session topics are listed in the agenda.

About the workshops

The workshops on 23 November will focus on the 5 strategic directions outlined in the Protecting to grow New Zealand discussion document.

The strategic directions are:

  • a biosecurity team of 4.7 million
  • harnessing science and technology to transform our systems
  • building intelligence and using powerful data analysis
  • system-wide leadership and inclusive governance arrangements
  • a capable and sustainable workforce.

At the workshops, we'll explore the comments gathered from New Zealanders and continue the conversation around the development of a Biosecurity 2025 implementation plan.

Because the strategic direction of 'A biosecurity team of 4.7 million' is so broad, we've split the workshops in 2:

  • Part 1 (a morning session) will focus on growing participation.
  • Part 2 (in the afternoon) will focus on collaboration and partnerships.

Dr Doug McKenzie-Mohr will be facilitating these workshops.


Download a copy of the forum and workshop agendas [PDF, 211 KB]

When and where

Where: Pullman Hotel, corner of Princes Street & Waterloo Quadrant, Auckland.

When: Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 November 2016.


The forum on Tuesday, 22 November costs $200 plus GST ($230 including GST) to register. There's no charge to attend the workshops.

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