Significant Contribution to Food Safety Award

The Significant Contribution to Food Safety Award recognises a person or group who has helped improve food safety in New Zealand. Entries for the 2021 award are open, and close on 4 June 2021.

The award recognises food safety improvements

The Significant Contribution to Food Safety Award recognises developments in a process or operation to improve food safety. This might be across the food supply chain or a particular part of it.

Nominations for the 2021 award close at 5pm on 4 June 2021. You can nominate individuals, teams, or organisations. Self-nominations are also accepted.

Who to nominate for the award

We welcome nominations that can demonstrate food safety improvements in any of the following areas:

  • science and research
  • equipment or processing technology
  • product or packaging development
  • industry best practice
  • building and maintaining an effective food safety culture (such as staff engagement, leadership, or continual improvement).

This could include developing or improving a food safety process or operation. It could be in one sector, or across a few sectors. It is not time specific.

About the award

Sponsored by New Zealand Food Safety, the Significant Contribution to Food Safety Award is part of the New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology (NZIFST) Awards.

The NZIFST Awards will be announced on 7 July, during the 2021 NZIFST Conference in Palmerston North.

The Significant Contribution to Food Safety Award winner will receive a trophy and a 12-month membership to the NZIFST.

2020 award winner was Mobile Beef Packers

The 2020 Significant Contribution to Food Safety Award went to Aaron Dodunski.

Aaron Dodunski and his wife Jo are the owners of Mobile Beef Packers, based in Auckland's Pukekohe East. Mobile Beef Packers is the first mobile abattoir with a registered risk management programme (RMP) to process and sell beef, lamb, and deer on the New Zealand market. Through the RMP, the meat can enter the regulated system. They are also the first mobile abattoir in New Zealand for the local trade market.

Six years in the making, Aaron built the company as a modern initiative to service farmers and small livestock hobby farmers. They also support butcher shops with low-cost beef and lamb which they in turn can supply to customers at lower cost.

Mobile Beef Packers lets small-scale owners of livestock control their product from paddock to plate, and to trade animals that come from their property. The award panel agreed this entry was revolutionary, innovative, and addressed the needs of a significant domestic market.

2020 commended mentions

  • Roger Harris (Safe Food Pro).
  • The iMonitor team.
  • Paul Wilson (Chomp).

This trio of business professionals demonstrated a range of food safety advancements. They had innovated and provided digital solutions that helped food businesses meet their food safety needs.

Previous winners 2017 to 2019

2019: Rosie Waller

2018: Professor Nigel French

2017: Dr Lesley Rhodes 

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