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Report on lifestyle blocks and animal welfare

On 18 May 2018, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) published a report on why and how MPI should engage with lifestyle block owners on animal welfare issues.

The report recommends MPI take a lead role (with support from the SPCA and veterinarians) in proactively communicating with lifestyle block owners to ensure they are well-informed and able to meet their compliance requirements. 

MPI study of New Zealand lifestyle blocks and animal welfare [PDF, 316 KB]


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The Farmer Representatives Animal Welfare Toolkit
Developed by MPI in collaboration with industry.

The animal welfare toolkit is designed for farmers who have a leadership role in their community, and are asked to become part of a response to a serious animal welfare incident.

The toolkit provides guidance on:

• how to identify an animal welfare issue, and when it should be referred
• dealing with concerns from the public
• talking to farmers
• providing support
• working with an animal welfare inspector.

Download the toolkit [PDF, 1.5 MB]

For veterinarians
Resources for identifying and investigating suspected or actual cases of animal ill-treatment.

The Vet Toolkit

The Veterinarian's Animal Welfare Toolkit is a practical toolkit for veterinarians dealing with animal welfare issues on farms. The toolkit was developed by MPI in collaboration with industry.

Download the Veterinarians Animal Welfare Toolkit [PDF, 1.2 MB]

The Vet Pak

The Vet Pak is for veterinarians who are asked to assist with animal welfare investigations in the primary sector. The pack provides specialist advice about the legal requirements of an investigation, collecting evidence and appearing in court. Download:

The Vet Pak provides detailed information about:

    • a veterinarian’s role in an animal welfare investigation
    • good practice note-taking and evidence collection
    • what to expect if an investigation is taken to court
    • technical information on body condition scoring
    • humane euthanasia techniques
    • post-mortem procedures.

Small animal veterinarians – animal abuse guidance

Guidance has been developed by the Veterinary Council of New Zealand to help veterinary clinics set policies and protocols to follow when animal abuse or family violence are suspected or identified. The council's guidance document (Dealing with Cases of Suspected or Actual Animal Abuse and Family Violence) provides information and links to help veterinarians respond safely and responsibly in such cases.

Download the guidance document  [PDF, 1.73MB]

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