Selling vertebrate toxic agents

Find out what requirements you need to meet if you want to sell vertebrate toxic agents (VTAs) in New Zealand.

Before selling a VTA

All VTA trade name products must be registered before you can promote, advertise, or sell them.

If you're selling a VTA, you must not change it in any way. For example, don't repackage it. You also need to pass on any information provided by the manufacturer to the user, including for bulk supplies.

Selling VTAs

Find information on selling VTAs that have:

VTAs with unrestricted sale and use 

These VTAs are mostly poisons used in small amounts for domestic, non-commercial pest control.

Commonly called over-the-counter or OTC products, they have no:

  • restriction on their sale
  • requirement to be able to trace them back through wholesale or retail trade
  • notification requirements before or during use
  • need for signs in areas where they are used.

You may promote and advertise them in a way that:

  • makes sure users are properly informed about them
  • meets their registration conditions.

You must not:

  • misrepresent the products in an advertisement or promotion
  • make extra claims or promote off-label use.

For general information about advertising and promotion: 

VTAs with restricted sale, unrestricted use 

This group includes some products that are used for commercial pest control. 

To sell them you:

  • need to be approved by MPI
  • need to provide additional instructions (beyond the label information) at sale to make sure they're used safely and appropriately
  • may need to keep records of sale or distribution, particularly if they need to be traceable.

Promoting or advertising must meet their registration conditions.

You must not:

  • misrepresent products in any advertisement or promotion, or
  • make additional claims or promote any off-label use.

For information about advertising and promotion, read

You don't have to be MPI-approved to buy these VTAs for use.

VTAs with restricted sale and use 

These products have conditions for both the seller and the user.

They aren't considered safe to use unless:

  • they are manufactured according to approved specifications
  • sellers are approved by MPI
  • users are approved by MPI.

You must not promote or advertise these VTAs.

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