Fees and charges for animal welfare export certificates

You'll be charged for services provided by MPI and other service providers when you're exporting live animals and need an animal welfare export certificate.

What our fees cover

When you apply for an animal welfare export certificate (AWEC), MPI will charge you for the work we do, to recover our costs. This includes:

  • an AWEC fee
  • assessment costs at an hourly rate
  • any reasonable costs we incur, like travel, photocopying, or testing.

Not all charges on this page may apply to you, and there may be other charges not listed here.


A fee is charged for each AWEC issued by Verification Services.

 Charge (excl GST)Charge (incl GST)
AWEC fee $46.58 $53.57

Hourly rates

Hourly rates ($214.25 including GST) are charged by the animal exports team (for assessment of AWEC applications for livestock exports only).

More details are in the form, Request for Services.

Request for Services [PDF, 312 KB] 

Hourly rates are charged by Verification Services as follows:

Charge typeCharge (excl GST)Charge (incl GST)
Hourly rate for work done during normally rostered hours (charged in 15 minute blocks) $186.30 $214.25
Hourly rate for work done outside normally rostered hours (charged in 15 minute blocks) $252.17  $290

Mileage rate charges

Charge typeCharge (excl GST)Charge (incl GST)
Mileage charge, for each kilometre travelled $0.67 $0.7705

Example of how an AWEC fee is calculated

An example of the estimated fees to issue an AWEC for one dog to the USA would be: 

AWEC fee $53.57 
Additional time $107.12 (based on half an hour – actual time and charge will vary) 
TOTAL $160.69

Note, the actual fees charged will depend on the time required to issue the AWEC, so these may vary significantly from this example. MPI recommends that you contact a registered pet exporter for an estimate or quote for all the costs involved.

Who to contact

If you have questions about animal welfare export certificates fees and charges, email animalexports@mpi.govt.nz

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